The McKelvey Staff Council is the culmination of a goal defined by the McKelvey School of Engineering’s strategic plan to “promote an environment where all faculty and staff are encouraged, empowered, and incentivized to pursue excellence.”

Goal No. 2 under this objective is to “improve the voice of the staff and teaching faculty” and was directly related to one of the white papers that emerged from the strategic planning process titled “Why Staff Recognition Matters.” In that paper, one of the several recommendations was the creation of a staff council.

The mission of the McKelvey Staff Council is to serve, represent, and advocate for staff by broadening and strengthening the lines of communication between the school’s senior administration and staff; engaging with the administration on policy decisions and matters that impact staff; bringing forth staff ideas; and encouraging a sense of community within the McKelvey staff.

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We are seeking feedback on topics such as events, sense of community, workplace issues, things we should continue doing, things we should stop doing, or any other topic you think the staff council should be aware of. 

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